About Us

Liuyang Wanfu Fireworks Co., Ltd. is located in Liuyang city, the hometown of fireworks. It is made up of two fireworks factories and a packing printing factory. The fireworks factories have more than 15 years of producing experience. 

We are a professional fireworks manufacturer and exporter, and have our own export license. 

We set up a complete managing system from products developing, designing, printing, producing, to quality control, storage and selling. 

Featured Products
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Colured Number Sparkler
Champagne Party Popper 25pk
Colored Thunder King(1.4/1.6CM)
1.2" 100S FAN CAKE_ Sky Dance
1.2" 36S King Mic
1.2"7S/8S Roman Candle
Pop Pop Snapper
Golden Shell Rocket
New Products
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My Lucky Stars(Fan shape)
Romantic Drizzle(V shape)
Dancing with The Stars
star of the universe
He is Fast They are Fhrious
500# Mix