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4' Display Shell

Item No. : WFD8004
Packing. : 36/1
Cbm : 0.05
G.W : 16
Size :
Visits : 4137
Item No. Effects
WFD8004-1 Red crossette
WFD8004-2 Crackling wave to blue
WFD8004-3 Red wave to lemon
WFD8004-4 Blue to lemon w/red pistil
WFD8004-5 Red fallen leaves
WFD8004-6 Flower wave to red
WFD8004-7 Brocade crown
WFD8004-8 Chrysanthemum w/green ring w/red pistil
WFD8004-9 Spinner w/time rain willow w/red pistil
WFD8004-10 Red peony w/coco pistil
WFD8004-11 Blue peony w/coco pistil
WFD8004-12 Red ring silver bowtie w/tail
WFD8004-13 Red peony w/crackling pistil and tail
WFD8004-14 Red to green
WFD8004-15 Golden willow w/tail
WFD8004-16 Double rings

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